YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink

YouTonics Skin is a Collagen Drink that increases collagen levels in the body internally. This review will take a look at this drink that helps improve skin, nails & hair health.

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We all know that aging and getting older can make life a bit uncomfortable.

As we grow old, we get wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Also, our joints start to become stiff which leads to joint pains.

These aging problems can be due to the lack of collagen in the body.

There are over 16 different types of collagen in the body that are responsible for a variety of jobs. This includes keeping your skin plump, supple and firm.

Collagen also responsible to keep the joints well lubricated and flexible.

As there is a natural decline in collagen, signs of aging like joint aches, wrinkles etc. skin start to appear.

To counter this problem, you can use anti-aging creams or lotions to boost collagen levels. But these only help your skin, not the overall health of your body.

Also, not everyone’s skin is able to absorb creams and serums. Thus, a lot of older women & men do not show positive results with anti-aging creams, lotions, serums etc,

Are you someone who is already sick of using anti-aging products that do not work for you?

Maybe, you need something that works from the inside rather than the outside.

The best way to increase collagen levels from the inside out is by drinking collagen drinks like YouTonics.

What Is YouTonics Collagen Drink?

YouTonics is a collagen drink that is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition. YouTonics helps boost collagen levels in the skin, hair, gums, and joints. It uses a liquid delivery system that gives fast acting results.

This collagen booster also contains Amino acids like Arginine and Glycine as well as Vitamins A, E and C. This concoction is mixed with Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein.

This further improves collagen levels and synthesis of the protein in the skin.

All you have to do is drink the liquid. Once consumed, the liquid enters the body and starts increasing the collagen levels. This helps in maintaining a healthy collagen rate in the body which usually starts depleting with age.

Moreover, this is 100% safe.

As we know, low levels of collagen are the most important reason why the skin starts aging.

Collagen drinks help to increase the collagen levels in the body.

One study shows the following results and conclusion:


Oral collagen peptide supplementation significantly increased skin hydration after 8 weeks of intake.

The collagen density significantly increased and the fragmentation of the dermal collagen network significantly decreased after 4 weeks of supplementation.

Both effects persisted after 12 weeks. Ex vivo experiments demonstrated that collagen peptides induce collagen and glycosaminoglycan production, offering a mechanistic explanation for the observed effects.


The oral supplementation with collagen peptides is efficacious to improve hallmarks of skin aging.

Detailed study can be read here.

YouTonics Ingredients:

YouTonics manufacturers have used a unique Fast Acting Liquid Delivery System. This provides you with the collagen you need to get healthy looking skin, hair, gums, eyes, and joints.

This delivery system helps maximize collagen absorption and distribution to the skin cells. Also, it comes with a refreshing flavor of mango and passion fruit.

Each bottle of YouTonics Collagen comes with 270 ml of liquid which contains 10 grams of collagen per serving.

Let’s have a look at the most important ingredients in YouTonics:

  • Vitamins A, E, and C:
    This collagen-rich tonic includes Vitamins A, E and C. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration.  Vitamin C also helps to promote skin cell revitalization and rejuvenation. The Vitamins A and E are antioxidant ingredients that protect your skin cells from oxidative stress damage.
  • Amino Acids:
    YouTonics Collagen Drink contains amino acids like Proline, Arginine, Hydroxyproline, and Glycine which work together to boost collagen levels. Since amino acids make up collagen proteins, the various amino acids in the liquid can give optimum levels of collagen. Maintaining collagen levels can contribute to keeping your skin soft, supple and looking young.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein:
    While collagen and water make 75%, many unaware collagen also makes up 30% of all the proteins in the body. This makes it a key building block of the body. Collagen is naturally present in our body and a decline in collagen can affect the overall health. Hydrolyzed Collagen in YouTonics works to boost this collagen to optimum levels and give numerous health benefits. Note that there are 10 grams of collagen per 30 ml serving of YouTonics.

YouTonics Benefits:

Unlike traditional collagen powders & supplements, YouTonics is a liquid collagen drink which helps boost collagen levels from the inside out.

YouTonics is a drink due to which it also helps the other parts of the body.

Anti-aging creams are topically applied and hence work only for the skin. On the other hand, YouTonics boosts collagen in the whole body. This boost in collagen is beneficial for the skin, hair, and nails too.

The benefits of YouTonics:

  • Combats Signs Of Aging:
    Your skin is aging because of an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of skin cells which results in wrinkles and sagging skin.
    This is due to insufficient amounts of collagen being produced (as you grow older).
    YouTonics slows down the production of Hyaluronidase which helps slow the rate of skin cell breakdown. This slowing of skin cell breakdown can help you retain your younger looking skin even as you grow older.
  • Improves Skin Health & Condition:
    Just reducing the levels of Hyaluronidase synthesis isn’t sufficient to reverse the damage already done to the skin cells. The skin also requires a boost in collagen and elastin production.
    YouTonics contains amino acids and hydrolyzed collagen protein. This helps raise the levels of collagen production in the body. This increase in collagen gives your skin the fuel it needs to rebuild and repair skin blemishes.
    This collagen drink also contains Vitamins A and E which are selected for their powerful antioxidant that combats free radical damage.
  • Improves The Health Of Your Skin, Nails, Gums, Hair, And Eyes:
    Since YouTonics is ingested orally, the boost in collagen can benefit other parts of the body too.
    The increase in collagen production can help improve the overall health of your skin, nails, gums, hair, and eyes.
    Because various types of collagen-like Type I and II are present, an increase in collagen can improve the overall health.
  • Helps Reduce Joint Pain:
    Collagen is a protein and serves as a natural lubricant to the joints.
    In this role, collagen helps improve structural support and aid in joint movement.
    But as collagen levels go down, the insufficient amounts of the natural lubricant between the joints, causing joint pain.
    If you boost the levels of collagen with anti-wrinkle creams, you could look younger, but your joints would still ache. YouTonics increases the collagen levels in the joints due to Vitamin C, resulting in relieving joint pain and movement.
    Joints are not the only area where collagen synthesis is required, other connective tissues also need this protein. And YouTonics Collagen can help you to provide this protein to all the organs.

Benefits Of YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink

Who Manufactures YouTonics?

Bauer Nutrition is the manufacturer of YouTonics.

This company has a reputation for selling one of the best health and beauty supplements. Wolfson Berg Limited, a reputed company is the owner of Bauer Nutrition and Youtonics.

YouTonics Skin Side-Effects:

Collagen Drinks like YouTonics are 100% safe. Anyone can use this product.

However, we recommend talking to your Doctor if you are pregnant or have any major illness.

Dr. Martin Godfrey, head of research and development in MINERVA Research Labs explains the benefits of collagen drinks. He also explains if such drinks are safe.

YouTonics Taste:

Drinkable collagen products can sometimes be difficult to consume due to taste. Some products taste bitter or are tasteless.
This can be due to various chemicals or ingredients that do not blend well.

However, The makers of YouTonics made sure the collagen solution tastes pleasant and refreshing. This collagen product comes in mango and passion fruit flavors.

You can pick up the flavor you like to enjoy this multi-purpose collagen drink.

YouTonics Skin Collagen Dosage:

You can take this drink at a time of your convenience. However, the official site suggests drinking 30ml of YouTonics before going to bed.

Consuming more than 30ml will not cause any serious issues but might cause some to experience minor stomach aches.

YouTonics Reviews:

User reviews submitted online via forum or email on YouTonics Reviews sites:

  • Sandy M
    YouTonics is good for me. I have been using this product for quite a few months now, and I feel, it is really good. My skin has a smoother tone and healthier sheen now. Good one!
  • Martin Wilson
    I am using this product for more than a month now. While I haven’t seen any of the skin benefits, it has helped my hair shine more noticeably.

With our experience with anti-aging products, we have seen that there are numerous products available. Not many give results as described.

YouTonics, we have been getting positive results and good customer feedback. We have listed the pros and cons of this collagen drink below.

Pros For YouTonics:

  • Made by a manufacturer who is in the industry for over a decade and is known to make premium health & beauty products. 
  • Made in FDA approved facilities.
  • There are No negative reports about the manufacturers or the product.
  • YouTonics ingredients have scientifically proved to increase collagen levels in the body.
  • Men and Women with sensitive skin can safely use YouTonics.
  • 100% secured official YouTonics website.
  • Comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. 
  • Only available on so there are no chances of counterfeit products being sold anywhere else.

Cons Against YouTonics:

  • Can cause minor stomach issues for some if consumed more than suggested dosage.
  • Free trial not available.
  • Officially not sold in stores, Amazon or eBay.

How To Buy YouTonics Online?

YouTonics Collagen Skin Drink is available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

It comes with three deals which can help you save money which, according to the manufacturer’s website.

The three online deals for YouTonics:

  1. 1 Bottle For £34.95 And Save £10.00
  2. 2 Bottles And Get 1 Free For £69.90 And Save £34.95
  3. 3 Bottles And Get 3 Free For £104.85 And Save £104.85

Buy YouTonics

Coupon Code & Discounts:

YouTonics deals come with a 60-day money back guarantee. There is also a discount sale offer where you can get 20% OFF.

While you came across all the information on the product, let’s see what the feedback from the users.

If you would like to purchase YouTonics or would like more detailed information on the anti-aging collagen drink, click on the link given below.

Visit The Official YouTonics Website

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47 YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink User Reviews:

  1. YouTonics is for ones who have patience. The will not give quick results but definitely help you to notice results. It is a month now for me and I’ve started noticing results. My skin has started to look and feel good along with my hair that has improved its thickness. For me, youtonics is an effective product but try not to expect faster results. No products can give you faster results.

  2. I feel this product is one of the best collagen products I have ever used or come across. Simple to use with no bitter taste. It’s just a week for me for starting YouTonics, I hope it helps me with desirable hair benefits.

  3. My skin quality has improved a lot with the help of YouTonics. I must say I was expecting it would taste bad but I was wrong! It tastes good and citrusy. I am glad it doesn’t cause any side-effects. Love you guys. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Youtonics collagen drink for me is the best collagen drink in the UK! It has improved my nail and hair and I am very happy to see it causes no side-effects too. Kudos to the team youtonics!

    Anamaria Ballin

  5. YouTonics can be used by women over the age of 50. It won’t eliminate your wrinkles but new wrinkle production will definitely slow down. I have even noticed my older wrinkles becoming less visible after drinking YouTonics collagen tonic.

  6. This is the first collagen drink I’ve ever tried. And from taking it for two months, I found this product has helped me revitalize my skin and joint health. Overall, YouTonics is worth buying.

  7. The collagen in a bottle product of YouTonics is not as well-known as people think. When I told my sister that I was drinking collagen instead of applying it to my skin, she looked at me like I was an idiot.

    I don’t know why so few people try collagen drinks as I find them to be more effective than the creams that end up giving me oily and sticky skin.

  8. Youtonics collagen drink reviews might be available everywhere, but the information the guys are giving on this website is really good. I didnt find so many good pointers on any other website than this. So, I have called for this product. I hope youtonics skin collagen is as good as the website claims.

  9. My girlfriend had suggested me to use this skin drink to increase collagen levels that could help me with skin and hair benefits. There was a time when my head had maximum grey hairs, but today, when I look at the mirror, I see lesser grey hairs than I had before. feels so great and my skin has started to feel good too. Really worth buying and using this supplement.

  10. I can see the improvement in my nail growth. They have more good and strong that I had before. So good to see youtonics skin collagen drink works so good. I hope I notice the changes in my skin and hairs like people who have given feedback on this website. Till then, a nice product to try!

  11. Youtonics is really good! I didnt expect this collagen drink to work so nicely and without any side-effects. Thank you youtonics for helping me with collagen increment and hair improvement. The team, if you are reading my feedback, let me tell you, it is the best product that I have ever come across. 🙂

  12. Thanks youtonics for helping my skin. You are my best decision that was taken in anger. haha.. Thanks a lot team 🙂 :*

  13. This collagen drink is really effective. I was shocked and happy both when I noticed the change in my hair quality. I thought, this drink primarily help skin health, but I was wrong, it helps collagen production that helps in various things. Good to see the thickness of my skin as well as softness too. I’d recommend all the men t use this product to support your hairs.

  14. My sister in law suggested me to try this product to improve my skin quality and reduce dryness. The excess exposure of my skin under the sun had dried my skin and somewhere reduced collagen levels that motivated wrinkles. But, after starting to use this youtonics skin drink, I feel the quality of the skin has improved. Although, there no big difference in my skin dryness but after looking such an improvement, I have a feeling that it can help me with skin hydration. Lets hope for the best!

  15. I came across this product when I read the youtonics skin collagen drink review, the one above and I was really impressed with the way it promises to improve skin health. So got one for myself to see if it really works or just a scam. But, I was wrong, the youtonic scam rumors are totally false and untrue. My skin has started to look better than before and all thanks to you tonics.

  16. The bottle of youtonics is really cute and the smell and the taste are good too. I started using this product from 4 months back and now, when I touch my skin, I can feel the smoothness and improvement. The skin tone and moisture have increased too. Thanks a lot guys to help me reduce skin aging. I feel very happy when my husband mischievously touches and feels my skin. Thank you so much youtonic skin collagen drink.

  17. Youtonics, for me, is the product that helped reduce wrinkle visibility as well as laugh lines. But, thanks to James, my best friend to recommend this collagen drink. It is because of him and this product, I could manage to improve my skin and visibility. Happy to see positive and safe results.

  18. Hi I am Lorraine and I would like to say that youtonic skin collagen drink is very helpful. I saw a full review on dragon’s den and thought to give it a try. Trust me, I was very confused between skinade or youtonics, but the review on dragon’s den helped me made my mind. I am still using this product but I am in love with its taste. very good product. lots of love :* :*

  19. you tonic can be one of the best collagen shots that I have come across in the UK. With this collagen skin drink, I could manage to boost the collagen proteins that helped me with skin hydration and elasticity. No doubt, it does take time to show results but doesn’t have side-effects. Good Job!

  20. I am so happy to see how this collagen drink helps me with skin appearance improvement and enhancement. Very good product when it comes to skin improvement without any side-effects.

  21. I was not expecting much from this collagen drink. I thought it would just taste nice and give no benefits.

    But surprise surprise, it seems to make my hair and skin glow. Not enough to notice instantly but it works either way.

    So, if you are on the fence with this, just go for it.

  22. YouTonics, for me, is really an amazing collagen drink supplement that helped me to increase collagen levels. After looks at positive results, I came to the conclusion that my poor collagen levels affected a lot in my body. Now, I feel those negative things are lowered in visibility. I am really happy with such results and I am still using this product to see more improvement. The best parts of this supplementary drink are, it is easy to use and cause no side effects. So So satisfied with the results.

  23. I have been at it with YouTonics for about three months now. And while the skin health boost is average, the benefit of being able to apply makeup is a big deal for me. So, while the results (for skin) are average, I will continue using this collagen drink.

  24. My collagen levels may have increased as I saw positive results in skin and hair due to this product. This collagen drink helped to see a noticeable change in my skin appearance and I am very happy to see such results.

  25. Youtonics is a really good product to use. The best part is, no stupid pills to consume, just a few drops and done. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I see this collagen drink works.

  26. This is one of the best collagen drinks I have ever tried. It is smooth with an okay taste. The best part of this product is, though it might take time to show results, it does not show any adverse effects.

  27. The growth of my nails was not as good as it supposed to be. My other girlfriends had such amazing nail growth and shape while I lacked both. Luckily, I came across this product and thought to give it a try as it claims to give no side-effects. I used the product for quite a few months and tbh, I feel this collagen drink is very nice. It tastes good and has no side-effects. Although, my nail growth is not that fast, but I guess no supplements can give faster results.

  28. This collagen drink actually worked on me! So happy. I ordered this youtonic supplement after I came across that this drink can help you with healthy nail growth. I started consuming it for few weeks and I could notice a good growth in my nails. Feels so amazing! Hope it helps me more..

  29. I took this youtonic drink to improve my skin and prove my boyfriend wrong. So happy that now my skin looks healthy. My boyfriend was shocked with such effectiveness. Thanks youtonic for your kind work.

  30. There were times when I used to hate my skin as it was very rough and hard. Then my mom suggested her YouTonics Collagen drink to me and adviced me to take daily. After taking for few days I noticed that my skin has reduced its roughness and dryness a little. A sign of good change. Thanks makers for good healthy drink.

  31. I just read in your “Cons” that this product does not have the Risk-free trial offer. Can you tell, are there any possibilities of Risk-free packs anytime soon?

  32. I was so confident about this product that would help me. My husband believed. Its been 3 months now that even my husband consumes this collagen drink. Lol! thanks guys for proving my husband wrong and improve our skin health too.

  33. I really like this collagen drink as it helped to get rid of signs of skin aging. Overall, the product is good with ok-ok taste and ingredients. Excluding the taste, I feel the product is good and effective. Thankfully the product didn’t cause any side-effects and I am very glad.

  34. I think Youtonics is a cool product as its just a one or one and the half week and I already started noticing results. Kudos to the people who made such a useful product. I am very happy with the results it showed on me.

  35. I don’t know about skin improvement, but I started using this product to help me get shiny nails. And it did! My nails are growing healthily than before so is my hair. Thanks youtonics!

  36. YouTonics seems to be a weird drink to me. Why would you drink collagen instead of applying it on your skin. Still, I got a bottle online since my sister can’t stop talking about how healthy her skin looks (and it does really). So, wish me luck ppl.

  37. There is a new collagen drink in town called YouTonics. I tried this last week and I can already notice my skin has a little extra glow this week. Seems to be working as intended. Great.

  38. When you think of anti aging, you usually think of creams right? Well, I have found that the best way to improve your skin, hair and nail health is by drinking collagen. However, I have only just noticed the skin benefits in the month I have been using it.

  39. If you are like me and required to put makeup twice a day, you known how dry your skin can get. To counter this, I was told to get YouTonics by my dermatologist. This is a collagen drink that improves the skin’s ability to stay hydrated and supple. And IT WORKS!!

  40. YouTonics is a great choice for collagen as it works! After being unsure, I decided to give it a try and the tiny bottle really does work in improving your skin health. It is said to improve your hair and nails as well but I haven’t noticed that.

  41. This is the only one I have tried but YouTonics seems to be the best collagen drink out there. I even heard Jennifer Aniston promotes these collagen drinks.

  42. This collagen drink is really cool, easy to use and has good flavor. The visibility of my skin aging has gone really down and I can feel my skin to be smooth again. I must say, it can be the best way to increase collagen levels than using a cream or pills.

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