6 Major Reasons To Get Your Beauty Sleep

A sleep deprived body makes more stress hormone cortisol, which is not good for skin. The increase in cortisol hormone leads to more stress and swelling in the body hurting the quality of your skin. However, sleeping on time at night helps a lot in keeping your skin healthy.

In fact, sleeping on time will help to clear up wrinkles, dark circles, saggy skin and acne on the skin. People who do not sleep for the adequate amount of time look older than their actual age. This habit is not only beneficial for skin but is also beneficial for the functioning of the entire body.

Beauty Sleep

So here are the 6 main reasons to get beauty sleep for skin health:

1. Not Enough Sleep Accelerates the Aging Process

An adequate amount of sleep at night allows the growth hormones to repair the damaged cells. However, if you are careless about your sleep then it will result in the skin breakdown of skin repair. This result in more signs of aging on the face and you will look older.

2. Not Enough Sleep Worsen Skin Problem

Swelling in the body reduces body’s ability to regulate the immune system, which not only makes us fall sick but also invites immune-related disease such as psoriasis and eczema. In fact, Psoriasis is not only a skin disease but it is also an indicator of swelling. However, many people with this disease have high chances of getting a heart attack. That is why it is necessary to keep stress low and to get proper sleep at night.

3. Lack Of Sleep Results In Dry Skin

When you sleep your body hydration rebalances so it helps to recover the moisture of the skin. Not getting enough sleep results in poor water balance, leading to puffy bags under your eyes and under eye circles.

Dry Skin

4. Lack of Sleep Damages Existing Skin Conditions

Increased swelling responses in more acne breakouts, increases skin sensitivity; cause more allergic contact reactions, and increases the chances of getting infected with eczema which is a skin swelling disease. The more severe condition of skin means more treatment and more expenses towards skin care.

5. Lack of Sleep Reduce Enzymes

Swollen cells in the body increase the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The breakdown of collagen affects the skin as it produces more wrinkles and makes your face look dull.

6. Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Nervous System

Lack of sleep not only affects the skin but also affects the nervous system which leads to poor mental health. Poor mental health slows the growth rate of the hormone, leading to the slow recovery from any disease if infected.

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