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What is Dysuria and How to Handle It?

Introduction? Dysuria is a medical term for pain or discomfort during urination. Often described as a burning sensation, dysuria is usually caused

What is Dysuria and How to Handle It?2020-02-06T07:04:51+00:00

Complete Explanation of Sedative-Hypnotics

Sedative: A drug that subdues excitement and calms the subject without inducing sleep, though drowsiness may be produced. Sedation refers to decreased

Complete Explanation of Sedative-Hypnotics2020-02-05T11:03:20+00:00

Introduction, Routes of Drug Administration

Pharmacology is the science of drugs (Greek: Pharmacon—drug; logos—discourse in). In a broad sense, it deals with the interaction of exogenously administered

Introduction, Routes of Drug Administration2020-02-05T10:49:22+00:00

The Important Mcqs On Biology Topic

The branch of biology, which deals with the life process and function of processes is known as: A. Physiology B. Pathology C.

The Important Mcqs On Biology Topic2020-02-05T10:51:51+00:00

Complete Case Study About Deviated Septum

Short Introduction About Deviated Septum A deflected system is a condition in which the nasal cavity - the bone and cartilage that

Complete Case Study About Deviated Septum2020-02-05T10:43:08+00:00

Complete Introduction About Bradycardia

What is Bradycardia Brady cardia is an abnormally slow heart rate with a rate of fewer than 60 minutes per minute. A

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What is Bladder Infection?

Introduction? Bladder infection, also known as cystitis, is caused by abnormal bacterial growth within the bladder, a balloon-like organ that secures urine.

What is Bladder Infection?2020-02-05T10:37:33+00:00