What is Youtonics Collagen?

We all know that ageing and getting older can be a real bother since you start to look old with wrinkles and fine lines as well as start to feel old with joint pains and stiff joint movements. What most men and women don’t realize that these problems are not just due to ageing but also because aging causes a decline in a crucial protein in the body called collagen.

There are over 16 different types of collagen in the body and are responsible for a variety of jobs including keeping your skin plump, supple and firm as well as keeping your joints well lubricated and flexible. Since there is a natural decline in collagen, signs of ageing like joint aches, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and sagging skin start to appear. To counter this problem, you can use anti-ageing creams or lotions to boost collagen levels, but these only help your skin, not the overall health of your body. The best way to increase collagen levels from the inside out is by drinking collagen tonics like YouTonics Collagen.

YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink is a recently launched product which helps boost collagen levels in the skin, hair, gums, and joints using a liquid delivery system that gives fast acting results. This collagen booster also contains Amino acids like Arginine and Glycine as well as Vitamins A, E and C. This concoction is mixed with Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein which further improves collagen levels and synthesis of the protein in the skin.

What Are The Ingredients In YouTonics?

YouTonics Collagen Renewal has been designed with fast results and benefits in mind which is why the manufacturers used a unique Fast Acting Liquid Delivery System to provide you with the collagen you need to get healthy looking skin, hair, gums, eyes, and joints. This delivery system helps maximize collagen absorption and distribution to the skin cells and comes with a refreshing flavor of mango and passion fruit. Each bottle of YouTonics Collagen comes with 270 ml of liquid which contains 10 grams of collagen per serving.

  • Vitamins A, E, and C: The collagen-rich tonic is made from Vitamins A, E and C. The vitamin C is selected for its ability to boost collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration. It also helps promote skin cell revitalization and rejuvenation. The Vitamins A and E are antioxidant ingredients that protect your skin cells from oxidative stress damage.
  • Amino Acids: YouTonics Collagen Drink contains amino acids like Proline, Arginine, Hydroxyproline, and Glycine which work together to boost collagen levels. Since amino acids are what makeup collagen proteins, the various amino acids in the liquid can help make sure that your body has optimum levels of collagen at all times. Maintaining collagen levels can contribute to keeping your skin soft, supple and looking young.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein: While we know that collagen and water make up 75% of the skin tissue, many are unaware that collagen also makes up 30% of all the proteins in the body, making it a key building block of the body. Collagen is found in the joints, the hair, the gums, the skin and many other places in your body and a decline in collagen can affect your overall health. Hydrolyzed Collagen in YouTonics Collagen Renewal works to boost this level of collagen to optimum levels so that you stay as healthy as possible. Note that there are 10 grams of collagen per 30 ml serving of YouTonics.

Unlike traditional collagen skin supplementation which includes wrinkle creams and face cream, YouTonics Collagen is a liquid collagen drink which helps boost collagen levels from the inside out. Because this product is not applied directly to the skin via topical means like a regular anti-aging cream, it isn’t limited to only helping the collagen boost in the skin, but also the bone joints, hair, gums, nails, and eyes.

What Are The Benefits of YouTonics?

The advantages of YouTonics Collagen include the following:

Combats Signs Of Aging

Your skin is aging because of an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of skin cells which results in wrinkles and sagging skin since insufficient amounts of collagen are being produced (as you grow older) to regenerate the reduced levels of skin cells. YouTonics contains ingredients that slow down the production of Hyaluronidase which helps slow the rate of skin cell breakdown. This slowing of skin cell breakdown can help you retain your younger looking skin even as you grow older.

Improves Skin Health & Condition

Just reducing the levels of Hyaluronidase synthesis isn’t sufficient to reverse the damage already done to the skin cells which requires a boost in collagen and elastin production. YouTonics is made with amino acids and hydrolyzed collagen protein that helps raise the levels of collagen production in the body. This increase in collagen protein gives your skin the fuel it needs to rebuild and repair skin blemishes like wrinkles and fine lines. This collagen tonic also contains Vitamins A and E which are selected for their powerful antioxidant attributes that combat free radical damage. YouTonics Collagen Renewal is the way to go if you want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging to get radiant, smoother and healthy skin.

Improves The Health Of Your Skin, Nails, Gums, Hair, And Eyes

Since YouTonics Collagen isn’t applied to the skin but ingested orally, the boost in collagen can have some other benefits as well. The increase in collagen production can help improve the overall health of your skin, nails, gums, hair, and eyes. Because various types of collagen like Type I and Type II collagen are present throughout the body, an increase in collagen can improve the health of these features.

Helps Reduce Joint Pain

As previously mentioned, collagen is a protein that is in many parts of the body including your joints where it’s used as a natural lubricant. In this role, collagen helps improve structural support and aid in joint movement. But as collagen levels in the body go down due to aging, there are insufficient amounts of the natural lubricant between the joints, causing joint pain. If you boosted the levels of collagen with anti-wrinkle creams, you could get to look younger, but your joints would still ache. With YouTonics, the collagen levels in the joints increase due to the Vitamin C, resulting in relieving joint pain and helping with joint movement. Joints are not the only area where collagen synthesis is required as other connective tissues in the body also need this protein that can be found in YouTonics Collagen.


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